Brandeis was founded in 1948 by a small group of individuals with a big idea. These founders put their fortunes on the line to help establish Brandeis. With each graduating class, the torch is passed from these so-called “foster alumni” to actual graduates of the University.

Brandeisians of the Last Decade (BOLD) make up nearly one-third of all alumni, so now we must count on you to continue this legacy in supporting your alma mater.

No matter the size of your gift, it all helps create opportunities for students. The number of alumni giving back is just as important as the amount raised. Many publications that rank colleges and universities factor in the percentage of alumni giving to the institution.

It's time for BOLD alumni to do what they can to support the Brandeis community. 

Students need your support, just like you did. Think of the parts of your Brandeis experience that were the most meaningful -- and know they also matter to students today.

Gifts to The Brandeis Fund support all aspects of the undergraduate experience. If you want to support your major, you can give to Biology, Economics, or Theater. If you feel closer to your sports team, a club like Adagio, or the Waltham Group, you can give to that too. Every gift counts!

Want to be really BOLD?

Join the Justice Brandeis Society, Brandeis' leadership giving group. JBS membership generally requires a gift of $1,000, but is pro-rated for BOLD alumni depending on your class year. Bold JBS members are recognized in University publications and receive invitations to exclusive JBS events.

2010               $1,000
2011-2013       $500
2014-2016       $250
2017-2019       $100

Gifts can be made in monthly installments or on a recurring basis. JBS membership is determined based on giving in a specific fiscal year (between Juy 1 and June 30).


There are many ways to make your gift!

Give online

Answer the phone when a student calls from Brandeis or call us at 1-800-333-1948

Give by mail:
Brandeis University, Division of Institutional Advancement
415 South Street, MS 126
Waltham, MA 02453