Q: Why should I make a gift to Brandeis?

A: Gifts to Brandeis provide crucial support for students and faculty. Additionally, publications such as U.S. News & World Report factor in alumni support in determining their rankings. When Brandeis moves up in the rankings, it will make our degrees more valuable.

Q: What does my gift support?

A: Gifts support the Brandeis Fund, which helps meet the most pressing needs of the University. Senior Class gifts support undergraduate scholarships, graduate fellowships, endowed professorships, dynamic extracurricular programming and capital projects.

Q: Can I give my money to something other than the Brandeis Fund?

A: Yes. While we encourage seniors to give to the Brandeis Fund, you can designate your gift to any current-use fund, including academic departments, athletics, and recognized clubs and organizations. For more information, contact

Q: Can I make my gift in honor of a faculty or staff member, fellow student or family member?

A: Certainly! If you choose to make a gift in honor of an individual, he or she will receive a tribute card notifying them that a gift has been made to the Class of 2018 gift in their honor. The tribute does not specify the amount of the gift. All tributes to professors are delivered after grades have been submitted. For more information, contact

Q: I already pay tuition, room and board. Do you really need more money from me?

A: All Brandeis undergraduates receive a “hidden” scholarship of about $10,000 – the difference between the amount of money Brandeis charges and the actual cost to the University. More than 70 percent of Brandeis students receive financial aid. By supporting the Brandeis Fund (and the Class of 2018 gift), we are ensuring future Brandeis students will benefit from the same unique educational experience that we enjoyed.

Q: What is the least amount that I can give?

A: We are asking each member of the Class of 2018 to participate to the extent that they are able. If everyone made a gift of $20.18, we would exceed our goal of $10,000. Gifts of all sizes are appreciated. Please note that we cannot process credit cards under $5, or check, cash or Who Cash gifts under $1.

Q: Can the gift come from my parents or grandparents?

A: Yes. The gift can come from any source, but we hope we can count on your support as well as your family's.

Q: Can I give you Who Cash?

A: Unfortunately not, but we do accept cash, checks, Visa, American Express, Discover and MasterCard.  

Q: I want to become a Bold (Brandeisians of the Last Decade) Justice Brandeis Society member, but I can't give $100 right now. What can I do?

A: Bold JBS members are invited to receptions and special events held throughout the country and are recognized in the annual Justice Brandeis Society Honor Roll. Membership in the leadership giving society does require a gift of $100, but the gift can be made in installments. For more information, contact

Q: If I make a gift now, will Brandeis continue to solicit me in the future?

A: Yes. Alumni support of the Brandeis Fund is crucial for the future health of the University.

Q: Still have questions?

A: Please contact Ben Niles, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, at, or call 781-736-4051.