Senior Class Gift

Ben on Giving Tuesday

The fundraising table for Giving Tuesday (11/27/18), where we helped
Brandeis reach both its student and overall participation goals!

We all have contributed to Brandeis in our own way. Whether through our clubs and activities, the arts, social activism, athletics, or academics, our class has been an integral part of Brandeis since we arrived! Now, as Seniors, it is OUR chance to give back to the programs, clubs, teams, and departments that we were a part of and that supported us while we were here! Help the Class of 2020 give a meaningful Senior Class Gift by making your own gift today.

Make your gift now and be part of a 30+ year tradition of seniors saying thank you. Your gift will make a difference, not just to our class, but to future Brandeis students who will benefit from the Senior Class gift.

You can also check out the tab on the left to watch videos of Seniors speaking about what they supported with their Senior Class Gifts.

Other past Seniors' reasons for giving back:

  • "Brandeis gave me a lot of great experiences"
  • "Brandeis gave me this amazing opportunity and I want to give back in appreciation"
  • "Brandeis has given me a lifetime of opportunity"
  • "Brandeis has helped me out a lot with my life"
  • "Brandeis has provided me with a fantastic education"
  • "The Fine Arts Department has changed my life for the better"
  • "Brandeis played a crucial role in making me the person and thinker I am today"
  • "Hiatt got me my dream job and I'm so grateful!"
  • "I absolutely loved it here"
  • "I believe in a bright future for Brandeis"
  • "Brandeis has changed my life" 
  • "I came to Brandeis because of a scholarship"
  • "Brandeis lets me explore"
  • "The Theater Department has been the biggest part of my college experience"
  • "Brandeis gave me so much!"
  • "I love Brandeis!"
  • "Brandeis has been good to me -- I can be good back"
  • "The biochemistry faculty reminded me how fun science is"
  • "Brandeis is awesome"
  • And because ... "I'm a senior!" 

Have questions? Contact Ben Niles, associate director, student & young alumni programs, at, or call 781-736-4051.