Who is calling?

We are Brandeis students dedicated to advancing Brandeis by updating our alumni on current University news and offering our alumni an opportunity to get involved.

The Phonathon is an important component of Brandeis' fundraising efforts. Dozens of student Phonathon callers reach out to alumni, parents and friends each year to build relationships and secure support for the University. During a typical fiscal year, Phonathon callers raise funds from nearly 6,000 donors.

If you receive a call, hear us out!

Brandeis University Phonathon Owls

We are located in the Bernstein-Marcus Administration Building on the Brandeis campus. We are housed in the Institutional Advancement suite, and we call alumni and friends on Sundays from 2-9:30 p.m. EST and Monday-Thursday from 6-9:30 p.m. EST. Our staff is composed of Brandeis undergraduate and graduate students. Students work three shifts a week and create schedules based around their school work.

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The Phonathon is always looking for confident and enthusiastic individuals with great communication skills to represent Brandeis. If you want to work in a fun environment, learn valuable sales skills, and make a difference for your school, find out more.
To learn more, contact:
Matthew Parillo
Assistant Vice President of Communications
Institutional Advancement
Brandeis University
Mailstop 122
415 South Street
Waltham, MA 02453-2728